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Persons who are responsible for implementing the new general ledger
Consultants who support customers during the migration from the classic general ledger to the new general ledger

Содержание курса

The standard course AC212 (=> Migration to the New General Ledger) should enable project members and consultants to perform a migration project from the classic to the new general Ledger successfully. Therefore the migration service of SAP (=> Service SAP General Ledger Migration), with its questionnaire, service sessions, migration programs and the migration tool will be presented. The aim of the course is to get to know the different migration packages, offered by SAP and to understand and realize the specifics of those different packages/scenarios. The migration packages are assuming different (system technical) starting situations of a migration customer and are based on pre defined (economical) target situations. They are designed that they cover those situations which can most frequently seen in practice. AC212 tries to deliver general concepts of a SAP new G/L migration.