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Foundation in Arts

The Foundation in Arts (FA) programme is a stepping stone for students who wish to pursue a challenging academic pathway in the liberal arts and social sciences. The basic subjects for an onward degree will be thought. However, subjects such as Computer Applications, English and Sociology have also been incorporated into the programme to give students an opportunity to develop essential skills and to give them a perspective on issues relating to the social world. Such exposure to other academic courses will provide students with essential knowledge of the wider world as well as develop in them transferable intellectual skills. By the end of the programme, students will be eligible to embark upon their chosen field of study in the liberal arts and business and/or management disciplines provided they have achieved the minimum standards set for the respective programmes by our partner Institutions – Local and Global.

Содержание курса

Core Subjects Academic English Basics in Marketing Introduction to Business Computer Applications Principles of Microeconomics Public Speaking and Communication Writing for Business Introduction to Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences Critical Thinking Principles of Macroeconomics Introduction to Accounting Introduction to Commercial Law Introduction to Finance Introduction to Social Psychology Introduction to Creative Design